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Mark Simpson .com   - Books and journalism of controversial Brit Mark Simpson author of IT'S A QUEER WORLD and ANTI-GAY

Alex and Jeff   - Gay male couple. Includes photographs of their dogs, tattoos, and vacation in Florida.

Geoff and Derick   - Interests in vocal jazz, favorite sports, gay causes and charities, photographic family history, and board game collections. How can one guy be so much fun   - Where the Mississippi Delta Meets Newfoundland.

SGS - Slovenian Gay Sites   - Read about gay life in Slovenia, Europe. Other interesting links and resources are also available.

Donna D. Fontenot   - Personal page for Donna D. Fontenot. Includes resume, family tree, photos and ColdFusion tips and scripts.

At-Home with Joan   -

joes_skies   - sunsites and cloud designs of saskatchewan in canada

ThomOnTheNet   - Thom is a friendly Chinese-Brazilian-Canadian guy living in Toronto, Canada, with partner Brian. Galleries, travelogues, humor, webcams and much more open a window into their world.

Private Sites Webdesign   - Webdesign for private and personal use:wedding, honeymoon, hobby, holiday, birthday, photo album websites

To Be Gay...Or Not To Be?   - This a site to help people who are coming out or thinking of coming out

Just Me   -

My Gay Photo Personal Page   -

Gay Personal Trainer in Washington DC   -

The Angry Dyke   -

Jacqueline's Internet Journal   -

Noe Hill Site   - NoeHill is the personal website of several San Franciscans who reside in the Victorian heart of The City, the boundary between Noe Valley and The Cast

TealArt   - The best in eccentric/esoteric journaling/webloging

Picca's World   - An internet newspaper with plenty of pink news!

fatl: Giants in the Playground   - Webloging at its best (or worse)


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