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Sponsored Links   - Provides ratings on hundreds of companies as to whether they are GLBT friendly, using various criteria including equal opportunity statements.

Pride at Work   - A constituency group of the AFL-CIO which works to mobilize mutual support between organized labor and the LGBT community. Includes history, news, and information on current issues and campaigns.

HRCWorkNet   - A national source of information on workplace policies and laws surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity (part of the Human Rights Campaign).

Out and Equal   - Provides advocacy and support for the LGBT community in the workplace.

Gay Pharmacist   - A discussion forum for gay, lesbian, or bisexual pharmacists or pharmacy professionals and their allies.

Virtual Bookkeeping/ Accounting/ Taxes   - Virtual bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation

Coalition to Promote Equality at ExxonMo   -

Career Coaching for GLBT Professionals   - Career/Life Coach - for Professionals who have become so comfortable in their jobs, it has become uncomfortable?


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