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Evolution and Cross-Cultural Variation in Male Hom   - Study by Denis Werner, claiming homosexuality deve

The Blacklist   - List of gays and lesbians of African descent, deve

Bibliogay   - Library and bookstore featuring five centuries of documents about gay men's sexuality -- from oppression to revolution and celebration.

Michigan's GLBT History   - Welcome to a virtual exploration of the real lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trangender people from over 100 years of Michigan history.

Changing Ones, by Will Roscoe   - Pioneering gay history author explores the meaning   - Articles about famous gays of the past, linked to

Androphile Gay History Project   - Overview of gay love over the centuries. Includes

Ladies, Take a Bow   - Article from saluting the drag queen

The Knitting Circle   - Extensive resources on lesbian and gay issues with

Artifacts & Disclosures: Michigan's Lesbian, G   - A virtual exploration of the real lives of lesbian

Bibliography of Gay and Lesbian History   - Offers extensive listings divided by era, region,

The Lesbian Herstory Archives   - Extensive collection of written and audiovisual ma

Yahoo! Groups: Gay History   - Mailing list offering weekly "This day in GLBT his

SwadePage: Swade's Lesbian Tribal Chant History P   - Events and personages in lesbian history, from the

Lesbian History Project   - A no-nonsense research site, replete with leads, l

Introduction to Modern Gay History   - Introduction to the stories and the people of mode

Gay History and Literature   - Essays on homosexuality in eighteenth-century Engl

Homosexuality in History   - Article by Rev. Robert J. Buchanan, exploring the

Lesbian and Gay Historical Society of San Diego   - Located at University Heights, group promotes the

Pridelets   - Daily list of events in the worlds of homosexualit


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