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House of Hot Males   - There are lots of hot males in these rooms. Stick them on the wall and wear them to show off.

the art of Billy Marx   - homoerotic art of gods

Aaron's Lavender Leviathan   - An extensive free gallery of gay facts, fiction, fun and original gay art.

NewArt24   - Gallery

art gallery   - Paintings of a nude man, woman, portraits, still-life, flowers and naive style paintings

Las Vegas Graphic Design   - Fine are and illustration from a gay artist in Las Vegas

The Art of John T. Sproule   - Classic realist oil paintings and drawings.

Mansfield & Gye   - Inspired by the muses of art, poetry, music, movies, and humor. M&G develops sexy, vivid, and unique wallpapers which are free. The site exposes gay men everywhere to the things that cause such art.

the art gallery of irit Rabinowits   - Irit Rabinowits's art deals with sexual-lesbian identity

Pridescapes   - Unique Gay and Lesbian Pride Art

contemporary fine art and oil paintings   - fine art, fonts, logos, cartoons, illustrations, royalty free BOLD - our free newsletter

gay art magazine   - history of gay art, contemporary queer artists, free artists portfolio ,,,

POETOGRAPHY   - Poetography is a new artform merging traditional tanka poetry and photography. By combining them, it creates a dynamic tension that infuses new meanin


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